Our Persona

is not just a name, but a force to reckon with, blending passion with purpose for a meaning beyond languages.

The name Wahine will reflect the very genesis of the nomenclature and become the beacon of hope for a social and sustainable intergenerational equity with the ultimate end goal of Human Well-being!

Wahine spelt whichever way has a persona that encompasses its true reason to be.

There are many points of connect between the two countries, be it from India - the land of history or from Aotearoa - from the middle of earth.

Commonly used as a name for a girl child, Vāhinī (Vah HEE Nee) or वाहिनी also has a Sanskrit origin, meaning “armed force” or sometimes referred to a woman who drives a vehicle - vahana.

Wahine as per the TE AKA Māori dictionary means female, womanly, feminine.