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Mallika Janakiraman
Founder Trustee and Chairperson

Founder and Chairperson of Wahine Charitable Trust. Mallika is a New Zealand registered nutritionist with 30 plus years of intrapreneur and entrepreneur experience across academia, FMCG (Kellogg, Nestle and PepsiCo) and private consultancy. Mallika has had to her credit several thought leadership roles in various Food, Nutrition and Regulatory committees like Ministry of Woman & Child Development, Food Safety and Standard Authority India (FSSAI)

Mallika holds an MSc in Foods & Nutrition, a MPhil degree in Food Service & Dietetics, a postgraduate certificate in Commercialization and Entrepreneurship from the University of Auckland and a certificate in Social Media Marketing.

Being a grandmother of two grandsons Riaan & Arya, she has redefined her purpose in life with a passion to inspire Wellbeing of Wahine (WoW) and the Well-being of Mother and Baby (WoMB) reaching out to the Indian women community and beyond in Aotearoa. Wahine Charitable Trust is the reason to be building both Human & Economic Sustainability for generations to come.

Her priority focus is on the critical window of opportunity during the First 1000 Days of Life from conception of pregnancy to 2 years of the child. She has edited a book titled, “Smart Eating for Smart Kids” sponsored by Kellogg in 2003. Her interest in cooking sees a creative form through her ‘Tasty Nutrition - art of cooking healthy shows on social media in partnership with Chefs ~ a way of influencing the influencers.

Of the many quotes that inspire her, is the one from Helen Keller, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart”.

S Janakiraman
Founder Trustee

A banker by profession, he has seen and experienced the value of money beyond being the currency of transactions. Raman ji, as fondly addressed by his colleagues, is one with nature, taking every single opportunity in his spare time to be in the garden, tending and caring for every single plant as if they were his children.

Janakiraman is an avid reader of both English and Tamil literature, his wisdom is a reflection of reading and his humankind is his DNA manifesting in his generosity to help in any form beyond his family.

As the founder of Wahine Charitable Trust, he stands strong guiding and mentoring along the way, and a true philosopher, guide, and mentor.

A Family Man in every sense of the word ~ a loving husband, friend to his boys, supportive to his daughter in laws and undoubtedly a doting grandfather to Rian and Arya.

Kavitha Raj

Kavitha is a Human Resources professional who has worked within markets across few countries. Clearly HR for her spans wider than organisational boundaries. She’s always been attracted to human-centric service, be it employment, career development, entrepreneurship or just plain people contact.

Kavitha is a mother of two and aunt to many and her educative journey began with becoming a mother herself and later seeing young parents around her especially from a migrant’s point of view in New Zealand.